ULTRA-TECH .223 Remington 55grn Soft Point ammunition

ULTRA-TECH .223 Remington loaded with 55grn SP projectiles has become a firm favourite with hunters. Loaded with all the care and attention to detail as our match ammunition we regularly get positive customer feedback about the accuracy and value for money of this product.

This remanufactured ammunition use only trusted brand 55grn Soft Point projectiles like Hornady, Sierra & Speer. These are boxed and tough plastic wrapped retail packages of 150rnd with six packs to the carton (900rnds).

ULTRA-TECH  .223 Remington Long Range Target ammunition

At the request of Fullbore & F-Class shooters ULTRA-TECH offers a long range .223 Target load. Our remanufactured ammunition uses once fired cases, full length sized (small based), Case length trimmed and loaded with ADI AR2208 powder and Nosler 80grn Custom Competition projectiles seated with in-line competition dies for maximum accuracy for Target Rifle & F Class clubs.

This is currently offered in 1000rnd Bulk Packs… Contact us for more details.

Note: This load is designed for long throated target rifles with a barrel twist of 1 in 8″ or faster and is not suitable for standard hunting rifles.

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