Our most popular remanufactured ammunition. Our 9MM LUGER ammunition is loaded with 135grn RN cast and coated projectiles made for us by Westcastings Projectiles in WA. This loading makes the IPSC MINOR rating in all club legal pistols. This come in 250rnd retail value packs with six boxes to the carton (1500rnds). We can also offer this in plain packaged 500rnd Bulk/Club box.

Shoot a pistol with Polygonal rifling like a Glock or H&K pistol?

ULTRA-TECH 9MM has been extensively tested in pistols with Polygonal rifling. Our ammunition is loaded with Westcastings Projectiles who have over 25 year of experience producing projectiles with a bonded lubricant coating. Our testing has shows little to no bore fouling and great accuracy even in extended shooting sessions in “Poly” barrelled guns.

Remanufactured Ammunition? Same as reloads?

Close but not really.

We use genuine once fired brass, after an initial cleaning process every case is pressure tested for cracks and splits. Each case is then machine roll sized to remove the bulge that some guns leave near the rim and standard reloading dies can't reach (google “9MM coke bottling”). All primer pockets are machine uniformed completely removing military crimps and sharp edges that some commercial brass pockets have allowing for high speed loading and further trouble free home reloading. Cases are cleaned and polished before being loaded on our commercial loading machines offering a uniform product that has become one of Australia’s favourites for club competition.

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