Our .300 BLK ammunition currently available in the following loadings in 100rnd retail boxes with six boxes to the carton (600rnds).

  • .300 BLK – 110grn Hornady V-MAX
  • .300 BLK – 125grn Speer TNT HP
  • .300 BLK – 155grn Nosler CC HPBT

Our .300 BLK ammunition is made using in-house formed cases made from once fired brass. Cartridge OAL and loadings are optimised for reliability in the AR/M4 platforms using standard unmodified magazines. These loading are also suitable for bolt action and other action types that are chambered for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge.


We in-house form .300 BLK brass from the parent case the .223 Remington using quality one fired brass that goes through a multistage process. Case are formed and small base sized, trimmed, primer pocket uniformed, deburred, cleaned and polished. We can supply these in retail bulk packs of 500 or plain packed cartons for larger quantities… Contact us for further details.

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