We currently offer .408 CHEYTAC and .375 CHEYTAC loaded ammunition with projectiles to suit most applications. Contact us for details.

Above is our .375 CHEYTEC rounds loaded with the Sierra 350grn MatchKing

This ammunition was used by West Australian shooters “Mark & Sam” making hits on target at 2500m…

See the video on Youtube

Coming soon our CVLD projectiles will be available for reloaders. We can offer loadings for these cartridges with our CVLD projectiles and other projectile brands suitable for these long range cartridges.. Contact us for details.

Our Coated Very Low Drag (CVLD) mono-metal CNC projectiles use our proprietary bonded anti friction coating contains no molybdenum products, will not rub off and is non-hygroscopic. We offer these in a range of calibers and weights.

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